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Supervised and Therapeutic Visitation Services are designed to help parents who cannot have unsupervised contact with their children per DCP&P or Family Court Orders. Rather than eliminating contact between non-custodial parents and their children, supervised visitation offers a supportive setting where the relationship can safely continue and be strengthened via impartially observed visits by trained mental health professionals.

Therapeutic Visitation Services provide parents with the opportunity to spend time with their children in the presence of a master's level, licensed clinician. Families receive support from these clinicians to strengthen and repair their relationship during each visit. Clinicians facilitate interactions via dialogue and age-appropriate play between the parents and their children. The clinicians model healthy parenting styles and correct any issues preventing a productive relationship within the family.

Our clinicians and visitation supervisor have a wealth of experience and expertise. Our staff is team-oriented and comprised of dedicated professionals who care about our youth and their families and intervene with compassion and skill. Bilingual (Spanish) supervised and therapeutic visits are available. 

Our Visitation Program environment is warm and welcoming and allows for children and their families to meet in comfort and enjoy home-like surroundings.

Private-pay families are welcome.

Our Therapeutic and Supervised Visitation Program has two convenient locations:

supervised visitation nj


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